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For a range of Durham escorts working in the city and the surrounding area, please consult the various VIP, Premium and free profiles scattered across this page. In this section are accurate and up to date Durham escort listings. The primary focus of our team at UK Punt is to create a comprehensive database of professional and enticing female escorts in the cities of Great Britain so you can find a date promptly and reliably. The escorts we have listed in Durham are exceptional.

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Notorious for the legend of the Dun cow among other notable exploits, Durham is a moderately sized town in the North East UK. The local escort industry in Durham is growing at an average rate, although the turnover of new companions is relatively high as the city itself is situated nearby to Sunderland and Newcastle. Customers who would like to set up a date in the Durham area will be pleased to find an abundance of independent girls plying their trade throughout the city.


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The history of Durham relates to the city being founded in AD 995 as a result of ‘divine intervention’. Because of this, Durham Bishops received a clemency of powers beyond that of others. The establishment of Durham as a settlement initially began with the now overbuilt Durham Cathedral. Proceeding the initial development as a town, Durham became a pivotal point in England’s defence against the Scottish.

Today Durham is a mostly residential area with an unprecedented series of old grade I and II listed buildings. A large part of the structures in the city are classed as conservation areas and are considered too historically and culturally important to demolish. One of the most interesting features of the county is the Durham Castle, a sightseeing marvel and demonstration of the Norman’s dominance in medieval times.